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About 2 years ago I suffered a disc herniation which was followed by a microdiscectomy op.

Although the op dealt with the severe symptoms I was left with nerve pain that caused a lot of discomfort on a daily basis.

Since my session with John Jo 3 months ago, the nerve pain is 99% gone and I am much more mobile. I can't recommend him highly enough. 5 stars!

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Nick Arthur

I cant recommend John Jo enough.

About a year ago I was having some bad back problems and it was effecting my work, lifestyle and giving me sleepless nights. For being 24 it was worrying.

I seen a talk John Jo done on his business Carse Community Chiropractic and though I had to give this a go as the painkillers the doctor was giving me were not doing the job.

John Jo had a very good approach to the job in hand and made me feel at ease. Within a month I couldn't believe the difference. Its up there with the best money I have ever spent on myself.
Thanks again John Jo

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Fergus Ingram, 24, Perth

I can warmly recommend John Jo, who has treated me on many occasions.

He has the ability to make a few adjustments, and clear a stiff neck or arms/legs with a tingly feeling.

The adjustments are smooth and without any pain.

Definitely my port of call before looking up a regular doctor.

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Claire Holfelder, 40, Germany
JJ is a great chiropractor, and it never ceases to amaze me how his treatments are instantly effective.
Yet I can also remain extremely confident that he is taking my long term health into account with each treatment.
He takes a very subtle approach - none of the cracks and twists you might associate with the standard chiropractic stereotype.
His approach is gentle and effective - so much so that I have been taking my daughter to see him since she was a matter of months old.
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Dan Breen, 34, Scotland

Now it would be fair to say that I have been troubled with back problems for most of my life but they have definitely gotten worse this last wee while, so decided to visit John Jo at Carse Community Chiropractic to see if he could do anything or me, he quickly identified the problem area and made some adjustments which definitely had an immediate effect.

I found John Jo to be very professional and easy to talk to, and it never ceases to amaze me how the simple little changes that John Jo makes can make such a difference to ones, daily life.

I did not think I had problems sleeping before I went to see John Jo, but after one session with him and I slept sounder than I have in years.

I feel certain that the service that John Jo provides will definitely aid me as I wind my way through life.

I would have no problem recommending John Jo and Carse Community Chiropractic services to my friends and colleagues.

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Steve Drysdale, 59, Perth

My wife and I visited you for an extensive period of Chiropractic Care, where you resolved the issues we were experiencing plus a few other unknown hidden problems.

You were very thorough and explained how your treatment works and the length of time required to see results.

Following treatment my wife was able to address other underlying health issues that were brought to light throughout the process, not to mention the vast reduction of pain in my lower back.

We both have also been educated about stress retention through your course and would highly recommend anyone who has any pain or issues to come see you regularly.

Thankyou so much for your outstanding help.
Mr and Mrs Kelly-Conlon

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Mr and Mrs Kelly-Conlon, Perth

"I am so pleased with the results I'm getting from your work. I feel so much better than when I started and I didn't think that was possible."

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John Jo's Chiropractic care like other health measures is there to be used regardless of an individuals health or age.

John Jo has been treating my family for some months now and the results are outstanding.

My father in law age 81 has suffered all his life with various aches and pains and John Jo has managed to give him relief allowing him to carry on doing all the daily activities without pain.

My daughter Morag (age 10) was dancing last week and hurt her back but an immediate appointment with John Jo allowed her to miss school one day and be actively joining in the next.

If you have any aches and pains that you are putting up with and are interfering with your daily life make an appoinmtent with John Jo as he has a painless solution to your pain."

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Iain Whyte

I've been plagued with a variety of health issues over the last 10 years. I started my journey with John Jo back January 2018.

Having been to other chiropractors over the years I've been very impressed and grateful for the "adjustments" that have led to my improvement in both health & general wellbeing.

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David Dwyer

Dear John Jo,
When I first came to you, I was in the dark as to what was wrong or what I needed to do to fix my neck.

Coming in for my initial consultation was, dare I say it 'painless' and informative. Within the hour you had assessed the issue and rolled out a plan of action to improve my condition over the coming months.

After Two months of sessions I have noticed increased mobility and reduced pain within the affected area. Chiropractic activities may come across somewhat intimidating to the uninitiated, but I can say truthfully your approach has helped me to become comfortable with the process.

Thankyou for your professional service, I will not hesitate to refer you to family, friends and colleagues in the future.
Yours Sincerely,
Lindsay Wrapson

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Lindsay Wrapson, 25, Perth

Dear John Jo,

Firstly, thank you for your services over the past 3 months, they have been extremely worthwhile and significant for both my partner, Kathryn and I.

With that in mind, I’d have no hesitation recommending you.

Over the past 3 months, John Jo has worked with Kathryn and I on our Chiropractic needs, these have resulted in massive improvements to our day to days lives, this cannot be understated. John Jo delivers a very high level of care, specific to our individual needs, he is informative and proactive, setting a clear progressive path of care.

Complimenting this, John Jo is a really nice guy, funny and warm. We will continue to use John Jo’s services and advocate his business.

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Anthony Brennan

John jo, I would like to thank you for your help, I have suffered many years with minor pains which, inevitably would lead to period of intense

back pain.

Following my recent and most painful back issues, I visited Carse Community Chiropractic and have been very pleased with the relief.  

I believe my back issues were brought on by many year of impact sports with little regard to my back. I have seen other specialists which would

offer short term relief or quick fixes and I have been very happy with John jo’s approach of finding the reasons behind my pain.

I have, and will continue to refer business to john jo at Carse Community Chiropractic.

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Brian Kidd

Please accept this letter as a testimonial to the fantastic treatment that you have provided me with over the last few months following my car accident in September.

Following a thorough screening, consultation and personal treatment plan put into force I was convinced that I was in safe hands.

The first session in particular seemed to really get me back on line and focussed more. The subsequent visits have all been beneficial and I now feel my lower backa nd shoulder are well on the mend.

Your relaxed and professional manner meant these sessions were not at all stressful, then I am sure they could easily be.

I therefore have had no hesitation in recommending your services to friends, family and clients alike.

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Anton Brown

I have been receiving treatment from John Jo for over two years now. My treatment stopped in 2020 due to the Pandemic. My shoulder, headaches and pain got much worse over this time.

As restrictions eased, and my discomfort increased, I went back to continue my treatment. The relief I have received is almost instant and my shoulder ‘catching up’ on where we left off.

I will now continue to see John Jo on a regular basis to keep my shoulder in check and aligned.

I would highly recommend John Jo of Carse Community Chiropractic and will be making sure I recommend him to my friends, family & clients.

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Laura Rose