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John Jo is a caring and dedicated husband and father. He was born in Dublin and brought up in Sheffield, and is the eldest of four brothers. He has always had a strong interest in optimizing the function of the human body, driving him throughout life to develop a deeper understanding through his education and personal experiences leading to a Sports Science Degree and becoming a Personal Trainer.

John Jo was initially introduced to Chiropractic after sustaining a back injury through snowboarding. Despite various health professionals declaring that he would never run again, he made a full recovery under Chiropractic care. The resolution of this injury and its subsequent maintenance through regular Chiropractic adjustments inspired John Jo to become a Chiropractor, providing him with the capacity to channel his core skills and experiences most effectively to help others.

With a keen sense of adventure and love for the outdoors, he regularly enjoys climbing, hiking and snowboarding, along with a long time passion for rugby league and Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Not to mention his recent interest in gardening and DIY.